Contract Works Insurance

Are you in the construction industry? Do you work on or are responsible for a construction site? Whether you are a building company or a contractor, you may have a need for Contract Works Insurance.

Contract Works Insurance is a policy specific for the construction industry. It can provide cover for the risks associated with building residential or commercial property, both from a Material Damage and a Third Party Liability point of view.

Cover can be provided as a one-off contract or on an annual basis covering each contract that you undertake during your policy period.

A Contract Works Insurance policy can provide cover for the following risks:

  • Material Damage to your construction site
  • Theft, loss or damage to your tools and equipment
  • Third Party Liability (Injury or property damage to a third party)

Contract Works Insurance is not just for builders with multiple contracts, it also provides cover for those individuals who are Owner Builders choosing to be in control of their own project. Subject to some conditions, a Contract Works Insurance policy can provide cover for material damage to the project as well as third party liability for loss or damage to property owned by someone else.

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