Cyber Insurance

Do you operate any part of your business online? Do you store confidential client information in an online or electronic database? What would happen if you were the victim of a cyber attack like those that we've seen in the news recently? How would your commercial reputation hold up?

This is something that all business who operate online should be thinking about!

With the surge of consumers turning to online solutions for their weekly shopping, that new dress or suit, or even setting up their new magazine subscription, businesses need to be at the top of their game in order to protect the confidential and sensitive information that consumers are submitting online.

Cyber Insurance is designed to ensure that the costs incurred as a result of a cyber attack are covered. These costs can include crisis management expenses to ensure that your reputation is not lost, financial loss that your business may suffer as a result, as well as costs associated with the recovery of your business data.

For more information about Cyber Insurance, please download the Cyber Insurance Brochure or contact one of our friendly staff members today!