Not For Profit Insurance

Are you a Not For Profit organisation, a Charity or Community Group? If you operate a business that focuses on providing a service to your community, we can help you keep your focus there, and take away the worry of making sure you have the right insurance coverage.

We work with your organisation to ensure that you are aware of the risks that can be faced in your industry. By partnering with your insurer, we help tailor your insurance to the needs of your organisation as well as providing you with risk management guidance.

Some of the key risks that can be associated with a community organisation or Not For Profit can be:

  • Property Damage, including vandalism and theft
  • Staff and Volunteer Safety
  • Fraud
  • Molestation and Sexual Abuse

Our service doesn't stop once you have accepted our insurance proposal. We team together with your insurer and can provide you and your organisation with ongoing support and risk management guidance to ensure that you always stay one step ahead.

To find out more about this specific coverage, please contact one of our friendly staff members today!