Professional Indemnity

Do you provide professional advice for a living?

Are you relied upon for your expertise in a particular industry?

If you answered Yes to one or both of the above, you may need Professional Indemnity insurance.

This cover is designed to protect you and your business from a claim as a result of an error or omission in carrying out your professional duty. This can be a situation such as:

  • A client, or third party, alleging that your professional advice, service or design was negligent and has lead to a loss. That loss can be either property damage, personal injury or a financial loss.
  • Professional misconduct or malpractice

Your Professional Indemnity policy will protect you from the following types of financial loss:

  • Legal costs associated with investigating and defending a claim made against you or your business.
  • Any amount that is payable in relation to the claim.

So that we are able to ensure we cover you correctly, a completed proposal form is required before we can issue a quotation. This helps to ensure that we are advised of everything that is relevant to your business, it's operation and the services you offer.

If you would like to discuss whether you need Professional Indemnity Insurance, please contact our office on 08 7088 4833 today.

To obtain a proposal form to complete click here. Once completed, please return by email to our office.